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We can help the Gulf Spill using our thoughts!


Thank you Dr. Emoto! Once again he has been the leader in bringing us the ways to heal the water.  A few weeks ago I had an idea to create a facebook page that would ask people to consciously thank the water for being here for us.  I wasn’t quite sure what to say. My friend Charissa and I went down to a little cove, called the water village in Laguna Beach and we had a mock ceremony. We Water Village Laguna Beach brought some flowers, and in lieu of a drum (don’t laugh) I brought a home depot bucket!  I turned it over and while my friend sang a beautiful vibration, I lead us into a meditation and my very own incantation of gratitude for the ocean, gratitude and safety for all the animals and creatures in the ocean.  It was really remarkable to feel that connection, but also feel the sadness.  When we were done the water splashed on shore, as if in gratitude back. And before both our eyes the water stretched its wave all the way up to meet me feet! I was pretty far from where it was normally rising to… it was definitely a connection to the water.  We can change the outcome of this spill, we don’t have to keep feeding the grief, worry and sadness of the spill. We, as lightworkers, as humans are moving into and can absolutely use our minds to affect change.  I got the email from a long time acquaintance from Dr. EMOTO.

EVERY DAY – please say this and visualize gratitude for the Ocean. Print this out and put it where you can see it.  If you drink AQUAMANTRA then you know that energy changes the water. Let’s all make this change for our mother earth and her water that has been tainted.

“I send the energy of love and gratitude
to the water
and all the living creatures
in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.
To the whales, dolphins,
pelicans, fish, shellfish, planktons,
corals, algae and all living creatures…..
I am sorry. Please forgive me.
Thank you. I love you.”

Click here for a message from Dr. Emoto Himself.

And here’s a VIDEO of the DOLPHINS that came SUPER CLOSE to us at the beach, that same hour we gave gratitude to the ocean!

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“We can help the Gulf Spill using our thoughts!”

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