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Earth Day Tips to contribute to Mother Earth that are easy and simple.


Earth Day is obviously VERY IMPORTANT to AQUAMANTRA, which is why we chose to be the first company EVER to put our water in Biodegradable and 100% Recyclable bottles. We are here to do our part which is raise consciousness in an environmentally sound way.  So on this Earth Day I thought I’d share with you my easy tips, that you can do to contribute to Mother Earth. I’m equally as busy as everyone out there, so I like to make things easy for you!  Thank you Baltimore Post Sun – They have a list of the top 40 tips for Earth Day. So I browsed their list and added some to mine.

Alexandra’s TOP TEN suggestions for you to contribute to Mother Earth:

10. Grow your own food. This I can say from experience, is not as easy as it sounds but its well worth the effort. Eating my own tomatoes every spring, gets me super excited about planting and seeding.  We haven’t quite been successful with the lettuce yet, but we’ve definitely had strawberries, tomatoes and snap peas!  Learn how to tend to the garden and taste the sensation of true organics.

9. Eat Dolphin Safe Tuna: In Mexico I got to swim with the dolphins and it was truly magical. When we were done they told us that when fisherman catch tuna they throw nets out in the ocean and everytime they do that they kill around 200 dolphins!  We were told to eat Dolphin Safe Tuna and now we ask you to do the same.

8.  Dispose of your prescription drugs safely. We all have a few of those old prescription bottles in our medicine cabinets so when you do your spring cleaning, you want to make sure you dispose of them properly.
DO NOT FLUSH them, they will only end up in the water supply or the ocean, which could end up in the fish your eating or the ‘tap’ water your drinking.

- This website will give you some tips on how to properly dispose of your old drugs.

7. Ditch the disposable and buy re-usable. Instead of Starbucks over and over, I have a new trick for you! Go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy the cup that looks just like the one you get at the coffee shop. Check it out here! This cup looks like a disposable one but is reusable so it reduces waste. With an easy-sip top, this BPA-free double wall mug provides enhanced insulation. 16-ounce capacity. Dishwasher and microwave safe.  Sometimes when you bring this cup into the coffee shop’s they’ll give you a discount for saving trees!

6. Use rechargeable batteries. This is an easy one. In all the gadgets you use get rechargeable batteries. Not only is it good for usuage, but it will save you money in the long run. Easy!

5. Use Phosphate Free Cleaning supplies! “Phosphates found in cleaning products have been found to be one of the most damaging pollutants to waterways. When phosphates end up in our lakes and rivers, they accelerate plant and algae growth. When the plants and algae die, the bacteria residue consumes the oxygen, leaving less for fish and aquatic life which need the oxygen to survive. If the government steps in to clean the waterways, the costs will most likely be passed on to the taxpayers.”

The solution to this problem is simple and cost-effective: Buy phosphate-free cleaning agents.  You can buy these kind of products through Melaluca, they use more concentrate style products that reduce energy usuage, fuel emissions, and packaging required to make and transport these products.

4. Save Water! Did you know that you can put a 5-gallon of water or even used AQUAMANTRA bottles in your toilet? Fill them up and put them in the tank to displace and use less water! Easy fix.  And to clean your dishes put them in the dishwasher, saves water.  When you brush your teeth don’t keep the water running, shut it off and when you take a shower, guys, don’t shave in the shower it saves water. You can also install low-flow aerators and showerheads and reduce your water use automatically.

3. RECYCLE- EVERYTHING! Everything can be recycled. Before you go out and buy anything new take inventory of what’s in your house.  Instead of throwing anything away, think can this be recycled? Especially electronics, which I’m told Goodwill will now recycle for you.  Besides the obvious which is cans, bottles, paper and plastic bottles including AQUAMANTRA bottles, most everything can be re-used or recycled.  I needed new tires for my car and my resourceful husband went on Craig’s List and got used tires with 30K Miles still on them, how does it get any better? A month ago I picked up a used piano for FREE! Garage sales are great for things you might need as well, like a beautiful lamp with an original handmade shade in perfect condition, $5!  In this ‘cession’ we are living through, be resourceful and find ways to keep things alive longer, the landfills are not our friend. I’m not going to get into the obvious of how many plastic bottles end up in the landfill because you can go to and click on our ENSO BOTTLES page to learn how our new biodegradable bottle doesn’t contribute to pollution, or you can view a video on our homepage of me talking about the RECYCLE-UTION we are trying to pass on to the youth.  So please, THINK before you STINK up the landfill with stuff that can be reused. Here’s a website to help you learn where and how you can recycle in California, like batteries.  Learn more at keep California Beautiful!

2.  Shop LOCALLY! Whether its your groceries, your produce or your bottled water buy locally.  You can go to local stores who will support local vendors, even clothing and surfboards.  AQUAMANTRA water for example is created in San Diego County and distributed on the west coast, our water does not come from FIJI or FRANCE we utilize a local resource and put it in biodegradable and recyclable bottles, something no one else locally can say. (Albertsons/Whole Foods) Produce can be purchased usually every week at city farmers markets and you’ll be supporting local farmers, or check out if you live in Cali, you can have produce delivered. People are trying really hard to bring it back home, all you have to do is buy local, guaranteed your food will taste a BaJillion times better too!

1. Pick up trash/litter! I know you might be saying DUH! to me right now, but seriously you would be surprised or not at how many people still litter. Litter is gross, litter is dirty and litter kills turtles! People please be your own street’s activist, be your child’s school’s activist and when you go somewhere and see bottles on the ground, just pick them up and put them in the recycle bin.  The most shocking thing to me is, that in a planet of total awareness with environmental bullhorns everywhere, we still see and experience and obscene amount of litter, it is truly shocking.  Why don’t people care? I am asking this very question. Help me understand why people think the ground is the trash can and who do they really think is going to pick it up? I have to be careful not to ponder it too long because I could damage my brain, it hurts me when I think about how much litter is on the ground, how much disrespect people have for where they live… and I am not being cliche, seriously! I live across from a high school and those kids are the worst!  Parents please teach your kids to resepct the earth, the very same planet their very own kids will grow up on.  If we could just prevent litter we could start working on other more powerful ways to contribute to our planet… ponder please :-)

Just doing even 5 of those things on this list will earn you a brownie badge of contribution and assist you in feeling that warm and fuzzy feeling that you are doing something good for the planet, and that feeling alone generates a whole lot of love for Mother Earth, and raises consciousness. It’s really not hard, just requires some awareness and once you do it, you will get in the habit and soon look for more things you can do. Its a great cycle of contribution for everyone involved!  I hope this list helped and if you want to learn more, tune into the Dr. Pat Show tomorrow at 11:00am Founder of ENSO BOTTLES, Teresa Clark will be on with me talking about biodegradability, what it means and what to look for.

Happy Earth Day! Go pick up some trash!
Peace and Blessings, Alexandra

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