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Change your relationship with MONEY – How to make money fall in love with us!


Are you having issues with money? How about bills piling up, credit card companies calling and harassing you? Are you caught between wanting to live and having to do whatever it takes to live! Well, you are not alone. I am in the same boat.  I am creating a high vibration water to support people, and clearly that’s not enough because we still don’t have the major investment we need to take AQUAMANTRA to the next level.  We are all in this together.  I sought advice from a friend who told me that I should take some time to get clarity and I did, yet the money still didn’t show up.   However, I am getting some good practice with the Art of Allowing.  Let the walls come crumbling down, it is all just an experience.  WHOA! That is not what I am choosing though, right? Its a weird and quite frankly awkward balance between guiding your ship on the high seas and letting go of the wheel at the same time.   In my world, its back to the drawing board I go.  Lucky for me I’m surrounding by UBER fantastic Coaches and teachers who’s information drops in my lap. This week I was told about a Teleseminar put on by Andrea Hess which was all about business.  One of the first speakers I heard was a woman by the name of Morgana Rae.  Let me preface that I am no stranger to The Secret or ALL their teachers, plus a handful of others ( Jack Canfield, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Ramtha, MARYABRAHAM, ACCESS ) just to name a few… but for some reason I’ve ignored the transformation I need to GENERATE money. Until what I believe to be now! So listen up – Morgana Rae I believe has tapped into something pretty amazing. It might sound a bit corny and you might laugh, but I can attest it works!

Morgana says we need to acknowledge that there’s a money monster in the room. We are not neutral about money, but we lie about it and put it in the corner like mud. We need to get the led out so we can have a golden relationship with Money. She asks us to look at what that Money Monster may look like?  My money monster is a big fat abominable monster that slobbers, who always calls me and wants me to pay bills. He’s atrocious and its like he wants to be with me, but I am always running away from him.  In my business, there is a balance of keeping cash flow going and a lot of times, balancing is all you can do.   Morgana says “We have good reasons for money monsters. When you get rid of money monster, when you get rid of limiting beliefs, things change and can change instantaneously.  When the monster is completely gone, the rest of it falls into place. Bring in new money.”

She says to banish him and I say good riddens! But what does that mean, ignore all my bills. No. What is my relationship with money? Painful? Stressful? the Reason I can’t play more? Hater? Its no wonder money doesn’t want to be around me more? Her analogy of this money monster hit home! I was avoiding it, money is bad, root of all evil.  And the core, where is the core of it.  I want you to go to her website and download the FREE MP3 of her talking about the process, or you can go to the Dr. Pat Show (click here) and listen to either of those downloads.  She goes into examples of how to define the Money Monster.  For me… I discovered the reason. My dad, who I loved dearly on one hand but resented dearly on the other, because all he did was work. Here was a brilliant man and I wanted more time with him.  He passed in 1994 when I was 24, and I felt cheated. I was a teenager for 4 major years and well, we didn’t get along all that much.  Somewhere in my universe I created a point of view that if I work and be successful, I will either DIE or not be able to spend time with my family.  Nice point of view I created, NOT!  I’ve worked my whole life and have been successful but have never seen overwhelming results.  The second point of view was about RICH people and the lack of connection or family time they have, did I think if I make money I can’t have a family?  Which backfired because I don’t have money or a family ( children ) that is, because all I do is work.  Throwing up now!  So that was my monster. I identified him and then kicked him to the curb.  So then Morgana talks about creating a money honey… she says since we’re more apt to connect to other humans that we should make a money honey that is like our perfect or ideal lover!

This is kind of what my MONEY HONEY kind of Looks like!

We should love him ( our money) and let him woo us. Here’s the crazy part. Act is if your money honey is a guy and get in the feeling of being loved. We love ourselves when a person falls in love with us.  Extracting hidden blocks to abundance, every shame or pain that made me feel unloved – is why haven’t I felt safe to have as much money as I desire. So love this fake person? Well let me tell you what it is so fun! I even told my husband what he looks like, like a larger cartoon version of my husband but with a huge grin, he’s always smiling at me!  He could hug me and squeeze me and I would feel oodles of love!   She encourages you to have ‘talks’ with this money honey and get advice from him, listen to him. She’s the expert so I HIGHLY suggest you listen to her materials.  For me… all I did was kick the monster to the curb and come to the realization that I have hated money, instead of loving it.  AND OMG!

Listen up people… this is no joke! So I’m balancing between the art of allowing ( not resisting, aligning, agreeing or reacting) to the fact that I need investment dollars.  Having faith that the universe will provide and NOW, I’m loving my new beau ( Money Honey – I even made a new button just for him!) and loving money that I’m generating however small and I’m excited about paying my debts off.   This is only 2 days of this attitude. My husband called me and told me of something who was seeking us out and was interested in investing! Then I got an order of 8 cases of water online, an interested vendor in New York.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Wow. I can honestly say I feel the spicket turning on… I LOVE MONEY and my Money Honey!

This is what Morgana says to do.

1) you uncover your hidden blocks to abundance, 2) you personify your money “monster”, 3) you eradicate the monster, 4) you create your money “honey”, 5) you ask your money honey what he (or she) needs from you, and 6) you do what your money tells you to do.

Learn more about it in an article she wrote – or here’s another one - IMMERSE yourself in this information… what do you have to lose? or what do you have to gain!  On top of that, she had a friend on her site that gave Blessings of Prosperity. Print your favorite out and write them everywhere! We are the creators of our own reality. Its time, now is the time to stop looking at all the external circumstances as if they are impacting us, they are not WE are impacting ourselves.   I truly hope this has helped you as it has helped me… Get back in love with your money and watch what shows up in your reality!

Day Three:  Today my bank somehow made a $10 Positive correction on my deposit and gave me a 5% cash back of about $50, that I had no idea about. I AM MAKING MONEY and I don’t even know it~! How does it get any better than this? I love my money honey! Love love love him!

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“Change your relationship with MONEY – How to make money fall in love with us!”

  1. Avatar June 30th, 2010 at 11:39 pm Morgana Rae Says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with my work, Alexandra!

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