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loveandgratitudeSpring Equinox is here and with it brings new changes… exciting new possibilities. Last year was definitely a bit of a challenge, moving through our “stuff” and our shadow perspective. But I am happy to announce that I am turning a corner.  This blog was originally started because of AQUAMANTRA which allowed me to be a MANTRApreneur.  Creating something truly beautiful out of nothing, just pure thought. The brand was co-created in 2006 10 years ago and my life took a challenging turn for a loopy loop with a lot of twists and turns, many of which didn’t afford me the ability to run AQUAMANTRA by myself without the resources to grow the brand.  I started to allow it to dissolve itself. As a MANTRApreneur, we don’t challenge what is in store for us… we allow it to forge its own path, which is what I did. I asked the entity AQUAMANTRA what it wanted to do.  And in December of 2015 a remarkable thing happened, I was introduced to a pure hearted soul who has a mission to feed hungry children.  This is what makes America great! The people. Even though, mini-rant… our government could cut military spending and probably solve world hunger,  it is the great people of America who are stepping out and making it happen. Putting their foot down to not allow this to continue!  So the man who I will be passing the AQUAMANTRA baton over to, is using this premium brand of ours as a solution to feeding 1 Million children.  I ask how does it get any better than that?  Now, not only will you get to keep buying AQUAMANTRA but you will be feeding children in the process.  My heart is wide open with what is possible and ask that everyone support the brand as long as it feels resonant and rewarding to your heart.  I will keep posting here to update you on the details.  The point is I have a new direction, new creative endeavors and new possibilities that I will be sharing with everyone and I will be using this blog as my platform.  This equinox is about bringing forth joy and happiness and continuing to let go of what doesn’t serve you. AQUAMANTRA served me, and as the founder and creator I am forever grateful for my education through this process.  Being a MANTRApreneur is what allowed this to happen, not forcing anything.. but going with the flow.

Keep telling yourself you are LOVED, HEALTHY, GRATEFUL and LUCKY.  I know I am.  If you ever want to reach me you can at my portfolio website. Stay tuned for more information on the exciting endeavors I am embarking on as I continue to share the messages of awareness and self fulfillment. Blessings and gratitude.

Zan Kavanah #zanKavanah


Shifting our Perspective on Money


If you haven’t heard of Bari Tessler Linden, you might want to.  As a conscious leader she shares tips, tools and interviews with experts around the topic of money.  Very much like I talk about the MANTRApreneur aspects of conscious business.   BTW: If you aren’t feeling the shifting going on in our macro and our micro, you are lucky. There are deep changes going on within each of us that is shaking us to our core. Mine happens to be around money and so of course, there are conversations popping up around money.  Jesse Elder posted on Facebook yesterday,

“Being financially broke in a capitalist, free market society is the equivalent of holding your breath in a room full of fresh oxygen.”

With which there was a very large discussion of comments that came after it.  We all know about the Secret, Law of Attraction and focus on what you desire, make choices in the direction of your desires.  I am a MANTRApreneur, and I have more tools in my toolbox than I can remember and yet, this shifting has caused some of my tools to expire.   His post fueled me intensely because I have been working so hard to generate an income and support others, yet for some reason my cup is low. I created AQUAMANTRA and my resources ran dry. I have been running on empty for quite sometime, and while I am known for keeping businesses alive do to my toolbox, I have not kept my own well-being supported for the sake of the MACRO and that is not healthy either.

Then I read Bari’s interview with Karin Robins in this awesome and kick ass blog post:

And what stood out for me was when Karin said, “Without this safety in our money relationship, we may feel stressed, overwhelmed, stuck, or shut down. Not the most accessible states for connection and engagement, right? Of course not.  And, there is reason for that. When we think we are in danger, we can’t easily access the parts of ourselves that allow for ease of connection and relationship.  When we are in danger our bodies start to react to that stress and we want to protect ourselves.  Many of these body level self-protective responses – such as fight, flight, and freeze – are normal and natural states when we are truly in danger.  They are very helpful.  Except when we are stuck in them much of the time.  They are not meant to be relied upon for everyday experiences like paying bills and reconciling bank accounts.”

THANK YOU for pointing that out. It is most challenging to be optimistic and creative and supportive even to yourself, when we are wondering if we can pay rent, or buy food.  I am a proud person, and for that have not wanted to rely on others, and yet I moved to a town labeled “Poverty with a View”… hmmmm.  This is a real situation for a lot of us. We might have had money before and nothing interrupted our flow, but now a days all bets are off.   I’ve heard about people who had to go help their parents who were sick, or in jeopardy so they lost all their savings, people who had big jobs and then lost their job, people are self employed who are trying to carry on and generate business when there is a scarcity out there… there are more of us than you might think. These are intelligent, wise, educated people and yet we are all going through these I BELIEVE to give us the strength to work through our karma,  our past programming and to let go of everything that no longer serves us.  I pray for anyone reading this that aligns with this. Being in stress takes courage and determination to move past the current state, and thanks to blessed Co-Creators like Bari and Karin for speaking out on the topic.  We are moving into a time of supporting each other.  I can say that I have reached out to many people for support, not for handouts but support… work in the form of anything.  I held the space for AQUAMANTRA for years almost 10 now, to support others and yet, when it came back around to support me, it just wasn’t there.  We must know our limits, and taking care of ourselves beyond all others is the most important.  Being able to RECEIVE.

Which will be my next topic and you can learn more about that at Amy Turner’s Movement called The Courage Tribe.

In the meantime, pony up people we are in for an all new adventure.
Get off plastic and Go Glass.
earn more about how I might be able to support your business at 

And remember All of life comes to you, with ease, joy and glory… it can and it will.

Many blessings and love to you.



Can Water help us?


Water is a conduit that perceives information, just like we perceive information. It can receive up to 400,000 levels of information. The beauty about water is it can obtain information then release it and still maintain its structure.  Just as Dr. Emoto showed that crystals are formed when certain words are shared with the water ( the information) so too can you affect your water. I’m going to share one such way from a website called, where Christ Consciousness works with Christina Kennedy and she shares that information with us.  We are moving into some very special times, where we are a direct effect on our environment and our reality.  AQUAMANTRA Water was created to educate you about that process, and now is the time for you to take action. Our waters… need us to. Thank your water with every sip.

CLICK HERE for specific instructions on how to Bless your Water. 

using LOVE to solve all our problems


Well, we all made it thru the month of February which didn’t feel like the usual “loving” month but more of a month of realizing love for ourselves, what works for us and what absolutely doesn’t.  Not sure about you but I went through a roller coaster of emotions to find myself and lucky for me I had a person to bounce all of that off of.  Unfortunately, for him it wasn’t pleasant and old ways of being and temper tantrums because things weren’t working for me… came out. This man in my life was a giant mirror and allowed all of those emotions to flow.  The blessing is as a spiritual seeker I am constantly looking to grow and learn from my experiences. This new energy that is flooding us showed me that those old ways weren’t working and how can LOVE fix it. Well, it boiled down to did I actually love myself? We say we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves but deep down do we really LOVE ourselves? Can you say I AM LOVED at the core of your heart… not by others by you from you and within you? If you can’t say it… practice it.  Look at yourself in the mirror and one more step beyond that is Louise Hay has an app you can download for loving yourself.  It asks you to say I LOVE MYSELF then it activates your camera in the phone and shows you – yourself and then asks you to say it again.  This is a practice and invite all of us to do it, as a start. Once we love ourselves at the core… everything around us shifts.

There  are so many awareness’s showing up right now, because we are integrating many new levels our ourselves.
I myself like to listen to messages from the Pleadians, transmissions of information to help us through these times.

Here’s one Dated: MARCH 2014 that will help you understand what we are going through.  The key messages I heard in here that are totally applicable are:

How would a filter of LOVING change this situation ? What is the good in this event and how can I reach the highest outcome? Give the gifts of love and compassion not more material gifts. I owed it to this person to communicate with love and in the interest of the best and highest outcome.  I sat down to what could have been a blow out conversation, and intended to keep it amicable with LOVE as the root.  This person is the same as me, we come from the same source we are all sparks of light from the GOD source.  The conversation evolved and ended in something that I didn’t foresee happening. I spoke with a filter of LOVE and as I did the good in the event shifted, so much so that I actually felt the energy shift in my consciousness as if I had just had a session with a Healer!  And we did reach the highest outcome – which I honestly didn’t expect did happen. I am grateful and am using this LOVE filter. Funny enough, I don’t know about you but these lessons and opportunities for growth are showing up everywhere… how can we apply LOVE filters to every situation and heal, what might look adversarial.  We are only hurting ourselves and right now it is so clear.  If you need more help visit any Albertsons Store in SoCal and pick up a bottle of I AM LOVED :-)

This message will also apply to how we do business.  Anything that bugs us or is causing us frustration is an ideal candidate for a filter of LOVE. It won’t make you weak, it is the force field that will unite all of your intentions to your goals.  Learn more about your business and using tools of the universe at

We’ll get through this! We just have to be uber aware of ourselves… our growth and how to LOVE through it all.
Peace and Blessings, Alexandra




Go with the FLOW – Bringing ease and grace


Anyone feels the shifts? The pinch? The WTF?! How we react to these situations is how we receive in these situations.  Recently, after a few weeks of recording my new ACTIVATE YOUR MANTRAPRENEUR MINDSET Video Series, I was tested to use all my own tools once again. Yet this time, it felt different in that I was truly challenged to use them and because I am now teaching them… I had to be in FULL INTEGRITY with myself, which is a super interesting and fun process.  I was peacefully living and contributing to my home here in Fairfax, with a housemate that was well, on a different frequency than me.  She had a 4 year old and I had my lovely dog, Layla.  I cleaned up after this person because she was not willing to do it herself. I helped her with her daughter when I was able, I showed up as best I knew how to be a housemate even though I hadn’t had a housemate in over 15 years. I was proud of myself until I realized that this person was sabotaging me.  Items went missing, my tire was mysteriously leaking air from the side wall one weekend where my car never left the driveway… and slowly I began to realize my space wasn’t safe.  I began my intent to move, and when I did so with this housemate found out I was paying $200 more to cover her rent and she had more access/more space than me.  I took matters into my own hands and said that I was not moving and refused to continue to pay that much in rent.  This housemate, then forfeited rent paying my portion but not hers… voiding her deposit, she basically got her way and then I was forced to find a new place in my favorite town within 3 weeks… and I was now liable for cleaning up her mess or I would lose my deposit.  That’s the linear story.  How would you react?  Anger? Frustration? Sadness?  Yes.. initial responses and yet how would I come thru this with grace and ease I asked? I made my list to the universe for a new place to live by August 1st.  I slowly started packing and instead of living in my frustration, I sent her love, unconditional love to her and her daughter.  I prayed that they would find a safe and rewarding place.  And then I started to follow my flow.  I shared my story with the neighborhood and all my beloved friends and associates up here.  It was so rewarding to see how many people showed up to support me, and really took the time to send out blasts on my behalf.  Every day I was charge up my root chakra ( Support/Survival) and really aligned with the knowing that I would be supported. Two weeks, three weeks, 7 days left. I had options in front me a room here or a space for a week there, and yet as I see it when the universe delivers it does with such an obvious yes! That you will know when it happens.  I didn’t spend hours looking at Craig’s List I usually on spent one time a day reviewing and observing.  One week before I knew I had to be out, I saw an ad on Craig’s list for a place that I knew was a duplex next to my best friend!  I emailed the tenant and told him we shared friends in common.  He called, we met and instantly I knew this was ease and grace answer.  I moved out of my old place at my pace, nice and easy. I met the landlady and we bonded over this what could have been a horrible experience and made the best of out it.  Within 2 days I got almost my entire deposit back and earned a friend in the process… and the one thing that I can say I did consistently was TRUST and SEND LOVE.  This is not a cliche statement that can be overlooked anymore.  Our path in this now is to CHOOSE LOVE… wish that person who isn’t on your frequency what is best for their highest good. And what that does is keep your frequency free and clear to allow your visions, wishes and dreams to move faster. When we harbor, anger, hurt, resentment and frustration… it doesn’t hurt the other person – it only hurts you.  So the saga still continues, the awesome place I moved is only temporary. At this time I now have another 3 weeks to find another place more permanent and yet, thanks to my tools, thanks to my training and thanks to the KNOWING that I am safe, protected and supported by our benevolent universe I TRUST that everything will work out far greater than I can imagine!

It really can be that simple… go with the flow by staying present and not dipping into the drama. JUST DON’T DO IT!
If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to reach out! I just might be able to help! Peace and Blessings, Alexandra

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